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Did you know that children under 5 should be physically active for a minimum of 3 hours per day?  Older children need at least 60 minutes moderate-vigorous intensity activity each day.  As well as being essential for good general health, exercise generates new memory brain cells in babies and helps older children achieve in the classroom.

Exercise should be fun and indoor play centres are a great way to give your child the activity they need come rain or shine.  Become a regular visitor to JANGALA with one of our membership packages and then relax in comfort knowing they can safely run off steam in the multi-level play area.

Meeting friends here also promotes the social interactions children need for learning so whether it’s taking turns on the ball swing or sharing a plate of goodies they’ll be learning important skills without evening knowing it.  Join JANGALA today and make us part of your regular routine.

A happy child celebrating

Membership is available as either GOLD (peak) or SILVER (off-peak).

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