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Play and Eat Teatime Offer

- Play, Meal, Drink & Ice-cream £7.95

- Entrance after 3.30pm weekdays

- “All-inclusive” softplay fun; the perfect    after-school treat

- (Available during school holidays too!)

End Of Day Play

- Last hour every day just £2

  (Opening Times)

- Come and have fun while we tidy!

- (Available during school holidays    too!)

Counter goods available but please note no kitchen service

Offers may be withdrawn without notice at any time.

Offers may not be combined or used with any other offer, Ts&Cs apply.

Early Bird

- ONLY £2 per child!

- Monday - Thursday entrance

  Morning: 9.30-10.00am

  Afternoon: 1.00-1.30pm

- Includes Easter and Summer School Holidays!

(other holidays excluded)

- Complimentary cup of squash

Children on the slide in the ball pool Boys playing in the football pitch Two children having fun going down the slide Cakes and biscuits on counter Check our 
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