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£4.40 (age 2 & over)

£2.20 (under twos)

Under Ones FREE

Adults FREE


£5.60 (age 2 & over)

£2.80 (under twos)

Under Ones FREE

Adults FREE

Admission Prices

Tables for 4 people may be reserved in advance for £5.95, this includes a jug of squash plus cutting and wrapping of a birthday cake if brought (entrance fee not included).

Jangala tables Seating area at Jangala Tables Table Reservation

JANGALA holiday dates are dictated by Derbyshire and Staffordshire Councils School holidays combined.

Play session may be restricted to 2 hours during busy periods.

Monday-Thursday: 9.30-5.30

Friday-Sunday: 10.00-6.00

Monday 11th Dec: 9.30-3.30

Sunday 24th Dec: Ticketed Event

Monday 25th Dec: Closed

Tuesday 26th Dec: Closed

Sunday 31st Dec: 10:00-3:00

Monday 1st Jan: Closed

Friday-Sunday: 10.00-7.00